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Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu

Alternative Titles : 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます, I Have Difficulty to Be Loved Too Much by Older Brother, I Am in Trouble Because My Older Brother Loves Me Too Much Cast : Tsuchiya Tao, Katayose Ryota, Chiba Yudai Episodes : Ongoing Category: Japanese Drama Genres : School, Romance Type : TV Series Release : 2017 Status : Ongoing Description : Setoka Tachibana is a female high school student who has confessed her feelings to other boys 12 times, but has been rebuffed each time. Her older brother Haruka Tachibana cares for his younger sister deeply, but he keeps secret from her that they are not blood related. One day, Setoka's first love Takane Serikawa appears after many years and approaches her.
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