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Ugly Alert Drama

Ugly Alert

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Descendant of the Sun Drama

Descendant of the Sun

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City Hunter Drama

City Hunter

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W – Two Worlds Drama

W – Two Worlds

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Her Lovely Heels Drama

Her Lovely Heels

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100 Days With Mr Arrogant Drama

100 Days With Mr Arrogant

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Kiss Me, Kill Me Drama

Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Spellbound (2011) Drama

Spellbound (2011)

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The Huntresses (2014) Drama

The Huntresses (2014)

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Koizora Drama


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Just Between Lovers Drama

Just Between Lovers

Wednesday, December 13
8.25 pm
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Black Knight Drama

Black Knight

Thursday, December 07
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I Am Not a Robot Drama

I Am Not a Robot

Thursday, December 07
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Jugglers Drama


Wednesday, December 06
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Wise Prison Life Drama

Wise Prison Life

Saturday, December 02
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Doubtful Victory Drama

Doubtful Victory

Tuesday, November 28
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Two Cops (2017) Drama

Two Cops (2017)

Tuesday, November 28
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Untouchable (2017) Drama

Untouchable (2017)

Sunday, November 26
8.57 pm
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Nothing to Lose Drama

Nothing to Lose

Thursday, November 23
4.16 pm
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Money Flower Drama

Money Flower

Sunday, November 12
12.36 pm
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Meloholic Drama


Wednesday, December 06
1.03 pm
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The Silver Season

Cast : Eita, Tamayama Tetsuji, Sato Eriko, Sugimoto Tetta, Aoki Munetaka Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Drama Type : Movie Release : 2008 Status : Finished Description : Slacker extreme skiers Gin (Eita), Yuji (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Juro (Aoki Munetaka) live life at top speed on the snow white peaks of Hakuba. Other than skiing and more skiing, the three ?Alpine Handymen? run odds jobs, ruffle feathers, and make reckless fun, ? often all at the same time. Gin lands himself a ski instructor gig when city girl Nanami (Tanaka Rena) shows up at the Dogwood Ski Lodge to prepare for her lavish ice chapel wedding. A crash course is in order since her groom-to-be is an expert skier, and she can?t even take the bunny hill without, well, crashing. Impatient speed freak Gin and perennially clumsy Nanami couldn?t be more different at first gander, but they?re both struggling to let go of the past, looking for answers that can only be found on two skis.
The Silver Season Drama

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Alternative Titles : 時をかける少女, Toki o Kakeru Shojo Cast : Naka Riisa, Nakao Akiyoshi, Ishibashi Anna, Katsumura Masanobu, Aoki Munetaka Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Comedy Type : Movie Release : 2010 Status : Finished Description : Quirky high school student Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) suddenly attains the power to leap through time ...
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Drama


Alternative Titles : Border ~ Keishichou Sousa Ikka Satsujinhan Sousa Dai 4-gakkari Cast : Endo Kenichi, Oguri Shun, Furuta Arata, Aoki Munetaka Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Genres : Drama Type : TV Series Release : 2014 Status : Finished Description : Ango Ishikawa is a detective with smarts and a keen sense of observation. He's in a great physical shape and also highly ambitious. Ango also only focuses on his work and his personal life is pretty much non-existent. One day, a former police officer is killed by a gun shot. Ango goes to the scene of the crime, but is shot in the head by the killer who is lurking at the crime scene. Ango hovers between life and death. At that time, he thinks to himself "Where do people go after they die?" and then "I don't want to die." A miracle then happens. Anglo survives with the bullet still lodged in his head. He goes back to work. A new murder case takes place. When Ango goes to the crime scene he notices a boy who looks like he is about to cry, but only Ango is able to see the boy. The boy is the one who was killed. Since Ango was shot, he can now see and talk with the dead.
Border Drama

Rurouni Kenshin

Alternative Titles : Rurouni Kenshin Live Action 2012 Cast : Sato Takeru, Yu Aoi, Aoki Munetaka, Emi Takei, Koji Kikkawa Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Comedy, Action Type : Movie Release : 2012 Status : Finished Description : Rurouni Kenshin (sometimes known by the title Samurai X) is a manga and anime series that grew to great popularity around the turn of the millennium in both Japan and America. Half-fighting and half-romance, Kenshin is a historical fiction set in the years after Japan's final civil war and dissolution of the samurai caste. It follows Himura Kenshin, one of the civil war's greatest warriors, who has given up killing and now wanders Japan seeking nothing more than a peaceful life. Yet he finds himself constantly confronting the ghosts of his past.
Rurouni Kenshin Drama

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo

Alternative Titles : 日本人の知らない日本語, 日本人不知道的日語 Cast : Anan Kenji, Naka Riisa, Harada Natsuki, Aoki Munetaka, Asaka Mayumi Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Genres : Comedy Type : TV Series Release : 2010 Status : Finished Description : Kano Haruko (Naka Riisa) is a charismatic shop assistant who has such excellent fashion sense that she has been featured in fashion magazines. However, she is unable to give up her dream of being a high school teacher. Haruko is asked by her former teacher to teach Japanese to foreigners for three months on the understanding that he would introduce her for the high school’s Japanese language teaching position. And so, she becomes a trainee teacher at a Japanese language school where she coaches nine foreign students with strong personalities, including an Italian anime enthusiast and a Swede who is in love with ninjas, according to her own convictions, while setting her sights on becoming a high school teacher.
Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Drama

Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban

Alternative Titles : Ueno Juri and the Five Bags, 上野樹里と5つの鞄 Cast : Hamada Gaku, Yamazaki Hajime, Eguchi Noriko, Aoki Munetaka, Arai Hirofumi Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Genres : Drama Type : TV Series Release : 2009 Status : Finished Description : The series features Ueno taking on five roles in five episodes. As the title suggests, each episode involves a bag of some kind, such as a guitar case or a mysterious delivery package.
Ueno is a part-time street performer who sings and plays guitar. When a series of Robin Hood-style thefts begin to occur around Tokyo by a woman with guitar case, police suspect Ueno of committing the crimes.
Miyuki is a struggling animator who works late everyday, and is constantly scolded by her superiors. One night the elevator she gets on suddenly stops leaving her trapped...
Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban Drama

Oppai Volleyball (2009)

Alternative Titles : Oppai Volleyball, おっぱいバレー, Oppai Baree Cast : Ayase Haruka, Aoki Munetaka, Ishida Takuya, Fukushi Seiji, Mitsuishi Ken, Nakamura Toru Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : School, Comedy, Sports Type : Movie Release : 2009 Status : Finished Description : Mikako is a young junior high school teacher who has just transferred to a new school. Excited to be starting a new job, she volunteers for a coach for a boys volleyball club. But, she finds out that there is almost no activity in the club. There are only 5 members, and they are all losers who haven't even touched a volleyball and only think about girls.
To give them an incentive to try hard, she promises them that she will show them her boobs if they win a game! Since then, the boys start practicing extremely hard. Feeling uneasy but happy at the same time to see their attitude changing, Mikako starts to like and trust them. She also learns from them and gets back her confidence which once she lost.
Right before the day of the first game, 'the promise' is discovered by the school side, and it becomes a big problem.
Oppai Volleyball (2009) Drama

Mama to Papa ga Ikiru Riyuu

Alternative Titles : ママとパパが生きる理由, The Reason Mum and Dad Live Cast : Fukiishi Kazue, Aoki Munetaka, Igarashi Hinata Episodes : Ongoing Category: Japanese Drama Genres : Drama, Family Type : TV Series Release : 2014 Status : Ongoing Description : Two years after the birth of her second child, 34-year-old Yoshioka Toko is diagnosed with breast cancer. Furthermore, surgery is not possible because she is terminally ill, but the doctor is not certain of her life expectancy. Toko vows that she will not let illness get the better of her for the sake of her son and daughter and lives a positive life, but at times, she is tormented by a wave of fear and anxiety. A few days later, her husband Kenichi is also notified that he has end-stage lung cancer. Despite the short time they have left to live, the Yoshiokas still have dreams. They do not forget humour and how to be a loving family.
Mama to Papa ga Ikiru Riyuu Drama

Suisho no Kodo

Alternative Titles : 水晶の鼓動 殺人分析班, Crystal's Beat, Murder Analysis Squad Cast : Kimura Fumino, Aoki Munetaka, Watanabe Ikkei Episodes : Ongoing Category: Japanese Drama Genres : Suspense, Crime, Mystery, Detective Type : TV Series Release : 2016 Status : Ongoing Description : Detective Kisaragi Toko of the Eleventh Section of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division was instrumental in solving the case of Tremi, the serial murderer who shocked Japan. Although one year has passed, the trauma she suffered at that time still strickens her. One day, a bizarre murder occurs in a room that has turned a deep red. Toko and Assistant Inspector Takano Hideaki proceed with the investigation based on clues left behind at the crime scene, but realize that they are being followed by a male stranger. The instant they attempt to arrest him, an explosion occurs at a nearby building. The police have to face an unprecedented crisis. Is this a coincide? And will Toko be able to overcome her greatest crisis as a detective?
Suisho no Kodo Drama