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Descendant of the Sun Drama

Descendant of the Sun

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Angel Eyes Drama

Angel Eyes

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To the Beautiful You Drama

To the Beautiful You

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20's Drama


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Jackal Is Coming Drama

Jackal Is Coming

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Money Flower Drama

Money Flower

Sunday, November 12
12.36 pm
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Meloholic Drama


Wednesday, November 08
10.03 am
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Saturday, November 04
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Stray Kids Drama

Stray Kids

Monday, October 30
10.02 pm
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The Unit Drama

The Unit

Monday, October 30
12.08 pm
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Bravo My Life Drama

Bravo My Life

Wednesday, October 25
4.45 pm
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Ashi Girl Drama

Ashi Girl

Thursday, October 19
9.57 pm
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Master Key Drama

Master Key

Monday, October 16
10.37 am
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Black Drama


Sunday, October 15
9.32 pm
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Revolutionary Love Drama

Revolutionary Love

Sunday, October 15
9.30 pm
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Avengers Social Club Drama

Avengers Social Club

Monday, November 20
9.40 am
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Dating on Earth

Episodes : Finished Category: Korean Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Romance Type : Movie Release : 2010 Status : Finished Description : In DBSK's drama *DATING ON EARTH* , it is about the married life of a high school life of a couple .
The husband is a high school student , starred by Yoochun and the wife is a class advisor , starred by So Hyon Jin. The other 4 members will be acted as Yoochuns classmates. Jaejoong will be acting as a transferred student who have lose his parents since young , was brought up in an orphanage. In the drama , Jaejoong will fallen in love for his class advisor [starred by So Hyon Jin] , then formed a love triangle relationship with Yoochun , class advisors husband .
Dating on Earth Drama

The White Storm (2013)

Alternative Titles : Bian Yi , Metamorphosis, The Cartel War, The White Storm Cast : Hongo Kanata, Nick Cheung Ka-Fai, Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Yuan Quan, Lo Hoi-Pang Episodes : Finished Category: Hong Kong Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Action, Crime Type : Movie Release : 2013 Status : Finished Description : Tim (Sean Lau) is an ambitious Narcotics Bureau chief inspector who puts his career
above all else. Chao (Louis Koo) embeds himself in the depths of Hong Kong`s drug
circuit as an undercover cop and barely resembles his former self. Wai (Nick Cheung)
is Tim`s loyal subordinate who hopes that one day he can gain others` respect through success.
The three are life-long friends who would readily risk their lives for each other.
But their new mission puts their brotherly bond to test.
The White Storm (2013) Drama

Me and 23 Slaves (2014)

Alternative Titles : Me and 23 Slaves, Me & 23 Slaves, 奴隷区, Slave District Me and the 23 Human Slaves, Boku to 23-nin no Dorei Cast : Hongo Kanata, Akimoto Sayaka, Saito Yosuke, Yamada Yuki, Kubota Yuki Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Suspense, Psychological, Mystery, Thriller Type : Movie Release : 2014 Status : Finished Description : 23 people participate in a game of psychological warfare in which they wear a special device called “SCM” which can be used to turn other players into their slaves. Eia Arakawa, is a girl with a cold personality who dabbles in various romances without taking anything too seriously. Meanwhile, Yuuga Oota is an eloquent, smart young man who gradually descends into insanity when he becomes wrapped up in the darkness of the game. A fierce survival game for their own purposes.
Me and 23 Slaves (2014) Drama

Attack on Titan

Alternative Titles : 進撃の巨人, ATTACK ON TITAN, Attack on Titan Part 1, Shingeki no Kyojin Cast : Miura Haruma, Mizuhara Kiko, Hongo Kanata, Hasegawa Hiroki Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Thriller Type : Movie Release : 2015 Status : Finished Description : Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest of titans.

Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a titan in over 100 years. Teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a colossal titan that appears out of thin air. As the smaller titans flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is eaten alive. Eren vows that he will murder every single titan and take revenge for all of mankind.
Attack on Titan Drama

Attack on Titan: End Of The World (2015)

Alternative Titles : Attack on Titan Part 2 Cast : Miura Haruma, Hasegawa Hiroki, Mizuhara Kiko, Hongo Kanata Episodes : Finished Category: Japanese Drama Movies Genres : Fantasy, Action, Adventure Type : Movie Release : 2015 Status : Finished Description : The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Isayama Hajime’s "Shingeki no Kyojin", second part movie in 2015.
Attack on Titan: End Of The World (2015) Drama