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It's Okay It's Love Drama

It's Okay It's Love

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Lie to Me Drama

Lie to Me

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Hot Young Bloods (2014) Drama

Hot Young Bloods (2014)

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Mind and Love Drama

Mind and Love

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Spellbound (2011) Drama

Spellbound (2011)

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Love 911

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Nothing to Lose Drama

Nothing to Lose

Thursday, November 23
4.16 pm
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Money Flower Drama

Money Flower

Sunday, November 12
12.36 pm
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Meloholic Drama


Wednesday, November 08
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Saturday, November 04
5.31 pm
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Stray Kids Drama

Stray Kids

Monday, October 30
10.02 pm
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The Unit Drama

The Unit

Monday, October 30
12.08 pm
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Bravo My Life Drama

Bravo My Life

Wednesday, October 25
4.45 pm
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Ashi Girl Drama

Ashi Girl

Thursday, October 19
9.57 pm
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Master Key Drama

Master Key

Monday, October 16
10.37 am
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Black Drama


Sunday, October 15
9.32 pm
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Revolutionary Love Drama

Revolutionary Love

Sunday, October 15
9.30 pm
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The Warring States

Alternative Titles : 战国 (Zhan Guo) Cast : Kim Hee Sun, Nakai Kiichi, Sun Honglei, Jing Tian Episodes : Finished Category: Chinese Drama Movies Genres : War, Action Type : Movie Release : 2011 Status : Finished Description : Set during China’s Warring States Period (475 BC – 221 BC), "The Warring States" centers on the rivalry between military strategists Sun Bin (Honglei Sun) and Pang Juan (Francis Ng).
The Warring States Drama

Ultra Reinforcement (2012)

Alternative Titles : Ultra Reinforcement, Chaio Shi Kong Jiu Bing, Hyperspace Rescue Cast : Wallace Huo, Jing Tian, Dylan Kuo, Lam Chi-Chung, Hao Hao Episodes : Finished Category: Chinese Drama Movies Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure Type : Movie Release : 2012 Status : Finished Description : Er Dan (Wallace Huo) accidentally traveled to the past to Tang Dynasty. In Tang Dynasty he met Shi Ke Jin (Dylan Luo) whom his elder brother Shi Ke Yan wanted to kill him. Without a doubt he tried to save Shi Ke Jin and brought him back to the future. Because Shi Ke Jin knows so much about the future, he decided to go back to kill his brother and conquer the world.
When ErDan discovered his intention, he intended to go back to Tang Dynasty to stop his plan.....
Ultra Reinforcement (2012) Drama

Police Story (2013)

Alternative Titles : Ging chaat goo si 2013, Jing cha gu shi 2013, Police Story, 警察故事2013 Cast : Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Choi Min Sik, Jackie Chan Episodes : Finished Category: Chinese Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller Type : Movie Release : 2013 Status : Finished Description : Police Story 2013 is a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong action crime film starring Jackie Chan in another reboot of the Police Story film series. The film is directed by Ding Sheng, whom previously helmed Chan's Little Big Soldier. According to Chan, unlike the previous Police Story films where he portrayed a Hong Kong cop, in the new film he will portray a mainland Chinese officer. Like New Police Story, 2013 is a stand-alone installment with a darker tone than the previous installments, which were comedies.

In brief, Police Story 2013 tells the story of a man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
Police Story (2013) Drama

The Man From Macau (2014)

Alternative Titles : Du Cheng Feng Yun; God of Gamblers 4, From Vegas To Macau; Du Shen 4, The Man From Macau, 賭城風雲 Cast : Jing Tian, Chow Yun Fat, Tse Nicholas, To Chapman, Wu Annie, Wong Michael Episodes : Finished Category: Hong Kong Drama Movies Genres : Comedy, Action, Crime Type : Movie Release : 2014 Status : Finished Description : Super hacker "Show Hand" and Karl go to Las Vegas with their mentor, the retired swindler Benz, to visit Benz's old buddy Hendrick, a renowned conman who has left behind his troubled past to work as a security consultant for a casino. During their stay in Vegas, Show Hand bumps into his friend Ken, who is working undercover for Interpol to gather evidence against Mr. Ko, a mafia boss. Realising that he has a mole in his company, Mr. Ko puts a hit out on Ken, but Ken hides the USB with the evidence with Show Hand, only for it to be accidentally taken away by Charlie, Hendrick's daughter. Now Show Hand and Hendrick must work together to gather evidence against Mr. Ko to save Charlie.
The Man From Macau (2014) Drama