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Empress Ki Drama

Empress Ki

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Oh My Venus

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Legend of the Blue Sea Drama

Legend of the Blue Sea

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Blade Man Drama

Blade Man

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Jackal Is Coming Drama

Jackal Is Coming

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No Breathing (2013) Drama

No Breathing (2013)

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Rurouni Kenshin Drama

Rurouni Kenshin

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Finding Mr. Destiny Drama

Finding Mr. Destiny

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Nothing to Lose Drama

Nothing to Lose

Thursday, November 23
4.16 pm
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Money Flower Drama

Money Flower

Sunday, November 12
12.36 pm
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Meloholic Drama


Wednesday, November 08
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Saturday, November 04
5.31 pm
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Stray Kids Drama

Stray Kids

Monday, October 30
10.02 pm
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The Unit Drama

The Unit

Monday, October 30
12.08 pm
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Bravo My Life Drama

Bravo My Life

Wednesday, October 25
4.45 pm
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Ashi Girl Drama

Ashi Girl

Thursday, October 19
9.57 pm
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Master Key Drama

Master Key

Monday, October 16
10.37 am
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Black Drama


Sunday, October 15
9.32 pm
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Revolutionary Love Drama

Revolutionary Love

Sunday, October 15
9.30 pm
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In The Mood For Love

Alternative Titles : In The Mood For Love (2000) Cast : Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Episodes : Finished Category: Hong Kong Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Romance Type : Movie Release : 2000 Status : Finished Description : Chow has a secret. A little secret that was originally meant to be sweetly revengeful but ended up like an albatross. Haunting him.

The seduction part has been bittersweet, no doubt. Lizhen, her husband who has been conducting an adulterous affair with Chow’s wife for some time now, has succumbed to the intricacies that have been carefully laid out by Chow. Lizhen didn’t think that she was going to fall so low. She thought she was curious, as to how people could forfeit their normal, happy life and opt for the compromising situation of living in a series of lies. She thought she was going to take a look and then turn back. And then she fell.

The revenge has been complete. Or at least that was what it seemed. And then the bitter aftertaste began to set in. It is such an unfortunate twist of fate that the manoeuvring should backfire. Chow, yearning for Lizhen, has fallen his own prey. A prey of his secret heart.

“I have heard that in the old days, when people want to unburden a secret, they go into the mountain and dig a hole to bury the secret there.” It is such thoughts that Chow muses to Angkor Wat years later… to unburden a secret.
In The Mood For Love Drama

The Grandmaster

Alternative Titles : The Grandmaster (2013), Yi dai zong shi Cast : Song Hye Kyo, Chang Chen, Ziyi Zhang, Tony Leung, Cung Le Episodes : Finished Category: Hong Kong Drama Movies Genres : Drama, Action Type : Movie Release : 2013 Status : Finished Description : Ip Man's peaceful life in Foshan changes after Gong Yutian seeks an heir for his family in Southern China. Ip Man then meets Gong Er who challenges him for the sake of regaining her family's honor. After the Second Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man moves to Hong Kong and struggles to provide for his family. In the mean time, Gong Er chooses the path of vengeance after his father was killed by Ma San.
The Grandmaster Drama

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine

Alternative Titles : Qing Shi Huang Fei, 倾世皇妃, Introduction of the Princess Cast : Wallace Huo, Hong Xiao Ling, Tony Leung, Yan Kuan, Ruby Lin Episodes : Finished Category: Chinese Drama Genres : Romance, Period Drama Type : TV Series Release : 2011 Status : Finished Description : Qing Shi Huang Fei is an adaptation of a novel written by Mu Rong Yan Er. Set in the chaotic and blood-stained "Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms" period, the story follows Ma Fu Ya (Ruby Lin), the beautiful princess of the Kingdom of Chu, who seeks to take revenge and revive her perished state.
On her journey, she is caught up in the affections of two supreme rulers, Qi You (Yan Kuan), the ruler of the Kingdom of Shu, and Lian Cheng (Wallace Huo), the ruler of the Kingdom of Northern Han.
Thrown into the dark reality of the royal harem, Fu Ya finds herself entangled in schemes and betrayal, and she learns that in order to survive, she must fight back.
With interests and kingdoms at stake, when love and power collides, which will be chosen over the other?
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine Drama

Tai Chi Zero

Alternative Titles : 太極之零開始, Tai Chi 0 Cast : Eddie Peng, Daniel Wu, Tony Leung, Angela Baby, Qi Shu Episodes : Finished Category: Chinese Drama Movies Genres : Romance, Action, Martial Arts, Adventure Type : Movie Release : 2012 Status : Finished Description : Yang Luchan was born with a horn that protrudes from his forehead. The horn gives the young boy great powers, but also the ridicule from other children. Yang's mother pushes him to learn martial arts which he does. Yang Luchan travels to a legendary village to learn Tai Chi from Master Chen. Upon arrival at the village Yang Luchan is challenged to many fights and defeated by everyone, including a girl named Yuniang. Yuniang is also Master Chen's daughter. Yang Luchan devotes himself to Tai Chai after his humiliating defeat. Meanwhile, a railroad construction project threatens the village's existence.
Tai Chi Zero Drama