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Ugly Alert Drama

Ugly Alert

Watched 2440060 times.

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Birth of a Beauty Drama

Birth of a Beauty

Watched 522191 times.

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Boys Before Flowers Drama

Boys Before Flowers

Watched 497667 times.

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Angel Eyes Drama

Angel Eyes

Watched 492938 times.

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Kill Me, Heal Me Drama

Kill Me, Heal Me

Watched 392270 times.

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My Girlfriend Is An Agent Drama

My Girlfriend Is An Agent

Watched 39193 times.

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Rurouni Kenshin Drama

Rurouni Kenshin

Watched 33300 times.

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100 Days With Mr Arrogant Drama

100 Days With Mr Arrogant

Watched 29350 times.

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Hwayi (2013) Drama

Hwayi (2013)

Watched 20865 times.

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Nothing to Lose Drama

Nothing to Lose

Thursday, November 23
4.16 pm
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Money Flower Drama

Money Flower

Sunday, November 12
12.36 pm
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Meloholic Drama


Wednesday, November 08
10.03 am
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Saturday, November 04
5.31 pm
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Stray Kids Drama

Stray Kids

Monday, October 30
10.02 pm
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The Unit Drama

The Unit

Monday, October 30
12.08 pm
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Bravo My Life Drama

Bravo My Life

Wednesday, October 25
4.45 pm
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Ashi Girl Drama

Ashi Girl

Thursday, October 19
9.57 pm
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Master Key Drama

Master Key

Monday, October 16
10.37 am
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Black Drama


Sunday, October 15
9.32 pm
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Revolutionary Love Drama

Revolutionary Love

Sunday, October 15
9.30 pm
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1 Litre of Tears (movie) Drama

1 Litre of Tears (movie)

Alternative Titles :1リットルの涙, A Diary with Tears, Ichi Rittoru no Namida, One Litre of Tears, 一公升的眼泪 Cast : Oonishi Asae, Kato Kazuko, Matsukane Yoneko, Ashikawa Yoshimi, Torii Kaori
Description : After the tears are shed, a new day begins... Adapted from the same-titled novel, 1 Litre of Tears is based on the true story about a girl's long fight with an incurable disease. A collection of her diary entries, chronicling her experiences and passion and perseverance for life, were published in 1986, and the book immediately became a bestseller. Her inspiring story was adapted into both a hit TV series starring Sawajiri Erika and a moving film directed by Okamura Riki. Promising new actress Asae Onishi stars as the film's tragic heroine, while Kazuko Kato portrays her supportive mother. Keep the tissue box near, as 1 Litre of Tears promises to touch the hearts of viewers with its tragic story and universal sentiments. One day on her way to school, middle school student Aya (Asae Onishi) suddenly falls to the ground. The doctor diagnoses her with spinocerebellar degeneration, a rare and incurable neurological disease. Entering high school, Aya's condition continues to worsen as physical movements become more difficult. Forced to attend a special boarding school, she nonetheless finds hope and happiness through the support of her new friends and family. Working hard, she completes her high school education and bravely begins a new stage in her life, despite her weak health and continuous trips to the hospital. Aya never gives up, living each day of her life to the fullest until the very end.
1,778 Stories of Me and My Wife Drama

1,778 Stories of Me and My Wife

Alternative Titles :1778 Stories Of Me And My Wife (2011) Cast : Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Yuko Takeuchi
Description : Based on an inspirational true love story. Sakutaro (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi), a science fiction writer, meets Setsuko (Yuko Takeuchi) in high school, and they eventually marry. Setsuko complains about stomach pains and finds out that she has colon cancer. Hearing that laughter could help, Sakutaro composes a story each day his wife lives. In total, he made 1,778 stories.
10 Promises To My Dog Drama

10 Promises To My Dog

Alternative Titles :Inu to watashi no 10 no yakusoku, 犬と私の10の約束, 狗狗與我的10個約定, 狗狗與我的十個約定 Cast : Toyokawa Etsushi, Kase Ryo, Fukuda Mayuko, Tanaka Rena
Description : One day a puppy comes to the house of Akari, who has just turned twelve, and was trying hard to act strong after her mother suddenly fell ill. She immediately falls in love with the puppy and names it "Socks" after the paws which looked like they had white socks on. Akari was together with Socks day and night. However, as Akari grows up, her feelings and interest moves away from Socks. Year by year, their distance grows, which also leads to her physical distance as she moves to a far off city, and must leave Socks behind to a childhood friend.One day Akari remembers the 10 promises that she had made with Socks and her deceased mother...
100 Yen Love (2014) Drama

100 Yen Love (2014)

Alternative Titles :Hyaku yen no Koi, 百円の恋 Cast : Arai Hirofumi, Ando Sakura
Description : Ichiko lives at her parents' home. She rarely hangs out with other people. Things change when her younger sister divorces and moves back with her child. Ichiko and her sister's relationship goes bad, causing Ichiko to move out and live alone. What brings happiness to Ichiko is to watch a middle-aged boxer practice at a boxing gym. The boxing gym is located between the 100 yen shop where she works and her home.
20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope Drama

20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope

Description : Set 15 years after "Twentieth Century Boys," Kanna (Airi Taira) reunites with several main characters from the first film in an attempt to stop Friend's increasing influence over the world and continued plans to eliminate humanity, as detailed in the New Book of Prophecy.
20th Century Boys 3: Redemption Drama

20th Century Boys 3: Redemption

Description : The year is 2017 and three years since Friend has governed the world with his Friendship Democratic Party. A destructive virus has hit Tokyo and the government builds a gigantic wall to quarantine the city. Friend makes the revelation that on August 12th at 12:00 the human race will be destroyed by aliens. The only people who will survive are true believers of Friend ? The resistance continues their battle against the Friendship government. Ocho (Etsushi Toyokawa) discovers Kanna (Airi Taira) has separated from Yoshitsune (Teruyuki Kagawa) & his resistance group. Kanna plans to start a more radical resistance group that will arm themselves heavily. Meanwhile, Kenji (Toshiaki Karasawa) enters the divided city of Tokyo ...
26 Years Diary Drama

26 Years Diary

Alternative Titles :Anata wo Wasurenai, あなたを忘れない, 无法忘记你, 너를 잊지 않을 거야 Cast : Lee Tae Sung, Maki Onaga, Hara Hideko
Description : The film details the 26-year-old Korean student's experiences in Japan, including going to school and his developing romance with a Japanese student (Mākii). He died on January 21, 2001, along with a Japanese photographer, Shiro Sekine, while both were trying to save the life of a man who had fallen onto the tracks at the Shin-Ōkubo Station in Tokyo.


Genres Drama, Thriller
2LDK Drama


Alternative Titles :2LDK (2003) Cast : Nonami Maho, Park HeeSoon
Description : Aspiring actresses Nozomi (Koike) and Rana (Nonami) belong to the same talent agency, share an apartment, and have just auditioned for the same part in a film called Yakuza Wives. Nozomi is a country girl from Sado Island, who has come to Tokyo with big dreams of becoming an actress, while Rana’s sharp tongue and flashy appearance is completely at odds with soft spoken, demure Nozomi. Waiting for the phone call that will decide their future, petty arguments escalate into hysterical violence, bringing the girls’ hatred of one another to the surface as they confront the reality of their empty, unfulfilled lives. Their bizarre conflict with each other includes electrocute, drown, fisticuffs, cutting tools, and even kissing.
700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police (2008) Drama

700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police (2008)

Alternative Titles :700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police, Boku tachi to chûzai san no 700 nichi sensô Cast : Sasaki Kuranosuke, Ichihara Hayato, Koyanagi Yu, Aso Kumiko, Takenaka Naoto, Ishida Takuya, Kaku Kento, Ishino Mako, Tomiura Satoshi
Description : Set on the backdrop of 1979 a group of troublemaking teenagers led by Mamachari (Hayato Ichihara) decide to prank Chuzai-san (Kuranosuke Sasaki) the local police officer who caught Mamachari's friend Saijo (Takuya Ishida) for speeding on his scooter, Chuzai-san gets them suspended from school which only causes the teenagers to retaliate, They discover that Chuzai-san is married to an attractive woman named Kanako (Kumiko Aso) only making their pranks worse.
A Chorus of Angels (2012) Drama

A Chorus of Angels (2012)

Alternative Titles :Kita no Kanariatachi, 北のカナリアたち Cast : Aoi Miyazaki, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Hikari Mitsushima, Toru Nakamura, Kyohei Shibata, Kotaro Satomi, Mirai Moriyama
Description : 20 years ago, an elementary school student falls on an island in the northern tip of Hokkaido. A teacher and 6 students makes contact through songs. What happened to the studen who fell? The teacher returns 20 years later to meet with her former students.
A Gap In The Skin Drama

A Gap In The Skin

Description : Japanese ‘pink’ filmmaker Takahisa Zeze directs this highly stylised and almost dialogue-free film, which has its roots in the brutal and erotic but has made the crossover to arthouse cinema. Two young people, Hidenori and Sunako (Kenji Otani and Fujiko), are on the run from the law following Hidenori’s killing of his mother. The two manage to hitch a ride in a passing ice-cream van, but Sunako is assaulted by its driver while bathing in a stream in a forest. They escape through the trees, eventually ending up in a secluded wooden cottage where they hide out, eking out a feral existence by raiding neighbouring gardens. With Hidenori still in a state of shock, Sunako eventually breaks the communication barrier using her body, seducing him in a bathtub full of floating ripe tomatoes. It is a turning point in their relationship, and Hidenori then becomes the sexually dominant partner in this strange relationship. But one day, Hidenori plunges a knife into his stomach, forcing the pair to leave their makeshift haven and seek help in the big city.
A Gentle Breeze In The Village Drama

A Gentle Breeze In The Village

Alternative Titles :A Gentle Breeze In The Village (2007) Cast : Kaho, Masaki Okada
Description : Eighth-grader Soyo lives in a very small rural village of Japan where the primary and middle school share a building for all of 6 students. They spend a happy childhood together playing around the village. Osawa, a boy from Tokyo, transfers to this school. Soyo and Osawa exchange their first kiss through a small incident and naturally become a couple. Adults have their problems but for children, the festival in summer, hair styles, and the ghost tale about a woman who died on the beach are far more important. There is no glamour but the time of purity passes never to be forgotten. After his previous film The Matsugane Potshot Affair, Nobuhiro Yamashita comes back with a peaceful and warm film. Based on the comics by Kuramochi Husako, the film captures the pure sentiment of children and their maturity that cannot be seen in the city. Beautifully shot summer days deliver its heat to viewers while the director induces sympathy naturally. The film is a must see for audiences who are nostalgic of innocent love and crisp shiny summer days.
A Liar and a Broken Girl (2011) Drama

A Liar and a Broken Girl (2011)

Alternative Titles :A Liar and a Broken Girl, 嘘つきみーくんと壊れたまーちゃん, Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan Cast : Aya Omasa, Shota Sometani, Tomoko Tabata, Kyoka Suzuki, Masaki Miura, Kinuwo Yamada, Takuji Suzuki, Uji Kiyotaka
Description : n a small rural town, a brother and sister goes missing and there's also a serial killer case involving woman as the victims. Mayu Misono (Aya Omasa) is a sophomore high school student in the town. She is called "Ma-chang". When Mayu Misono was young, she was also kidnapped and locked up. Since that time she has been traumatized and has become indifferent to everything around her. One day, in front Mayu's mansion, her childhood friend Mii-kun (Shota Sometani), who was kidnapped with Mayu, suddenly appears. Ma-chang hugs Mii-kun. Up until now, she has waited for Mii-kun. Mayu has lived in the mansion alone, until a week ago, when she kidnapped two elementary school aged kids and has kept them locked in her mansion. To hide Mayu's crime, the four of them will live together in the mansion. Meanwhile, Detective Kamiyashi (Tomoko Tabata) finds out the kidnapping case may be related to the detention case 10 years ago. Kamiyashi contacts psychiatrist Dr. Sakashita (Kyoka Suzuki), who treated Mayu and Mii-kun. Dr. Sakashita believes that if Mayu is treated she may choose to killer herself. By sealing her cruel past away Mayu is able to have balance in her life. To the devastated Mii-kun, Dr. Sakashita told him that Mayu receives happiness by focusing on Mi-kun's world. But there is a big lie there. The detective begins to doubt Mayu as the prime suspect. To protect Mayu, Mii-kun is about to carry out a plan. The truth of what happened 10 years ago becomes slowly revealed. The reason Mi-kun tries to protect Mayu, even puts his life at risk, all connects to an unexpected real criminal.
A Midsummer's Equation (2013) Drama

A Midsummer's Equation (2013)

Alternative Titles :A Midsummer's Equation, 真夏の方程式, Manatsu no Houteishiki Cast : Fukuyama Masaharu, Kitamura Kazuki, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Anne, Maeda Gin
Description : Manabu Yukawa is invited for a presentation on Submarine Mineral Resources Development in Harigaura. He stays at an inn. Manabu meets Kyohei who came to the inn, which is run by his aunt's family, for summer vacation. The next morning, Tsukahara, who is another guest at the inn, is found dead on the bank of a port. Manabu becomes involved in the case. ~ Based on the novel "Manatsu no Houteishiki" by Keigo Higashino. Novel is part of the mystery series "Galileo".
A Single Girl's Merry Christmas Drama

A Single Girl's Merry Christmas

Alternative Titles :pinjo no merry christmas, pinjo no merii kurisumasu, ピン女のメリークリスマス Cast : Kanjiya Shihori, Tanimura Mitsuki, Hiraiwa Kami
Description : A Single Girl's Merry Christmas (Tanimura Mitsuki)
A Slit-Mouthed Woman 2 Drama

A Slit-Mouthed Woman 2

Alternative Titles :A Slit-Mouthed Woman 2 (2009) Cast : Rin Asuka, Miki Hayashi, Mayuko Iwasa
Description : Three sisters grow up on a chicken farm in a small town of Gifu. The oldest sister, Yukie Sawada, is engaged to be married, the middle sister, Sachiko works at a beauty salon and the youngest, Mayu is on the track team in high school.Their happy , carefree lives are changed forever when Yukie’s ex-boyfriend Suzuki commits an atrocious crime with Mayu as the tragic victim. Half-crazed and bent on revenge against the Sawada family, Suzuki mistakes Mayu for Yukie and pours acid all over her face. Overwhelmed by physical and psychological trauma, Mayu sinks deeper into depression and isolation, unresponsive to her sisters’ encouragement…Meanwhile, chilling news of a serial murderer, who preys on the alumni of Mayu’s high school, sends shock waves through their small town...
A Story Of Yonosuke (2013) Drama

A Story Of Yonosuke (2013)

Alternative Titles :Yokomichi Yonosuke, 横道世之介 Cast : Kengo Kora, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Sosuke Ikematsu, Ayumi Ito, Gou Ayano
Description : Set in the 1980's, Yonosuke Yokomichi (Kengo Kora) is a college student, with a warm heart, from the port city of Nagasaki. His girlfriend Shoko Yosano (Yuriko Yoshitaka) is the daughter of a company president.
A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story (2013) Drama

A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story (2013)

Alternative Titles :武士の献立, Bushi no Kondate ; Warrior's Menu Cast : Ueto Aya, Kora Kengo, Nishida Toshiyuki, Yo Kimiko
Description : Set within the Kaga Domain in the Edo Period. Oharu is an excellent cook and recognized for her skills. Due to her cooking talents, she marries Yasunobu, who is an heir in the Funaki family. The Funaki family serves as the cook for the Kaga Domain. Nevertheless, Yasunobu himself is a terrible cook. With the help of Oharu's mother-in-law Mitsuru, she begins to teach Yasunobu how to cook.
About Evil Woman (2012) Drama

About Evil Woman (2012)

Alternative Titles :Akujo ni Tsuite, 悪女について, About Evil Woman Cast : Erika Sawajiri, Eiichirô Funakoshi, Chizuru Azuma, Kimiko Yo, Yûsuke Kamiji, Takeo Nakahara
Description : "Akujo ni Tsuite" depicts the life of a business woman (Erika Sawajiri) who suddenly dies. As a child, Kimiko Tominokoji grew up in a poor family. With the bubble boom of the Japanese economy, Kimiko Tominokoji gains extreme wealth through the years. Right before the collapse of the bubble economy, Kimiko Tominokoji dies. In her life, she has relationships with three men at the same time. When she got pregnant, she told each of the three men about the pregnancy. Even though Kimiko toyed with the men, the men could not turn her away due to her attraction.
About Her Brother Drama

About Her Brother

Alternative Titles :Younger Brother, おとうと Cast : Ishida Yuriko, Kase Ryo, Kobayashi Nenji, Aoi Yu
Description : In Tokyo, on a corner exists Takano Pharmacy. The owner is widow Ginko Takano (Sayuri Yoshinaga) who lost her husband a long time ago. Ginko has one daughter named Koharu (Yu Aoi) who lives with her, and also living with them is Ginko's mother-in-law Kinuo (Haruko Kato). Ginko's daughter Koharu is engaged to an elite doctor. The day before the wedding, Ginko receives a wedding invitation that she mailed to her younger brother. The invitation was returned to sender. In Osaka, Ginko's younger brother Tetsuro (Tsurube Shofukutei) works as an actor and is an alcoholic. Tetsuro has been estranged from the family since he made a drunken scene at Ginko's husband's 13th death anniversary. On the day of the wedding the mother-in-law is thankful that Tetsuro did not arrive. Ginko's older brother Shohei (Nenji Kobayashi) feels proud when Koharu states "...thank you for raising me." The atmosphere at the wedding is warm and calm, but later turns darker. Tetsuro, dressed in clean clothes, arrives at the wedding sweating. Shohei tells his younger brother "Please don't drink today." But, Tetsuro cannot help himself. With other young people at the wedding, Tetsuro starts drinking. Later, Tetsuro grabs the microphone and rambles incoherently. He then starts singing and knocks things over. Shohei can hear the groom's parents disproving comments. Shohei then tells them, "I will cut off all relations with Tetsuro ..."